The Government Of El Salvador is Being Investigated On Bitcoin’s Law

The El Salvador’s government is being investigated by the El Salvador’s court of accounting. We have seen how the president and his administration have been criticized and frowned upon by both the citizens and the outsiders. This investigation seems like a plot to antagonize the president’s effort. The country’s court of account claims they might be controversies surrounding the money spent in bitcoin’s implementation. They need an account of how the country spent money on everything regarding bitcoin and the bitcoin ATMs. Transparency of accounts has been demanded by the court of accounts.


They will like to know how the country’s money was spent and expect the government to give accounts and details of everything. It’s so sad to see a country try to undermine the efforts it’s government especially that made by the president, towards legalizing crypto currency. After the president’s announcement in June during the Miami bitcoin conference in June, its has been one indignation or the other exhibited by the citizens.

On the country’s Independence Day, some displeasured anti-bitcoin citizens decided to protest and vandalize the bitcoin ATM. This is because some of the citizens believe that they are being coerced to use bitcoin by the government. The president explained that it’s not mandatory, but it’s felt by the citizens that the president is contradicting what is said by the bitcoin law. The bitcoin law in the country says that every business must accept Bitcoin when offered . They see that statement as being compelled to using it.

Some of the citizens claimed anonymously that the government has been inspecting businesses and harassing them into using bitcoin as a legal tender. I don’t live there, so I wouldn’t say if it’s true nor false. If the government is really doing then the government are wrong. Bitcoin is supposed to bring freedom. The governments are not expected to use the tool that was created to create freedom to enslave these citizens.

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