Recognizing Your Value Attracts Money

Most people are prisoners of their minds and let money rule them. This is sad because they see money as an unattainable resources that needs impossible sacrifices. Some of them are already entrapped in the work circle and believe working your ass off is the only way to get to the top. Don’t get me wrong, lots of successful people worked their ass off to be at the top, but they had value to show that they are capable. The beauty of having value is that, when you have value, money starts chasing after you, you don’t chase after money anymore.


That’s the reason you find athletes and successful musicians making millions of dollars every year. Try and discover your value and utilize it. Value will will always attract lots of money when you know your worth. It’s like a monkey and banana. Your value is the banana and money is the monkey, you can never see the banana chasing after the monkey, you can only see the monkey chasing the banana.

Figuratively speaking because obviously banana can’t run so it’s impossible to chase the monkey. But you understand what I meant.

So if you don’t have the value, the money won’t come to you as easy as it will come to those with value. They are some people that have value but don’t know how to utilize it, that’s like having a banana but no monkey in sight, this way you have to look for opportunities. When you have a banana and want to attract a monkey, you either go to zoo or you go to the forest where monkeys reside. In our modern day life right now, the internet is our zoo. When you have the banana(value) and need money(monkey) to chase you, go to the zoo(internet). Most people use the social media to showcase their values and what they can offer. We have seen testimonies of successful people who were discovered online. There are tons of them, from athletes to artists to coders.


Some people’s value could be money, but they need more money. They probably got this money through inheritance or from their daily paid job, but extra money never hurt nobody. We are insatiable in nature and we always want more.

We are all Oliver Twist in our own way

So the wise thing to do is to put our money to work, and watch it work for us. This is because if you learn to make active income by putting your self to work, you will end up working actively for the rest of your lives. We are humans, we need rest, but how can you rest and make money simultaneously, this is where investing comes in.

Money is a state of mind, have you noticed that as an individual. If you are going through a financial hard time and you see that has a minor problem that needs a solution, you find your brain coming up with genius ideas and life directing you towards how to achieve those ideas. If you think money is scarce and impossible to achieve, you have entrapped your ability to imagine and create a solution. If you think money is abundance and you attract it, you will find yourself creating solutions, it’s just a matter of time, you will start seeing money and ways to make it.

Saving money is good but investing your money is better. Money is the solution to making more money. So we need to invest more and save less. Anyone that says they are happy without money, is either lying or have a psychological disorder of feeling worthless. Money can be invested into various ways to make more money. You can invest your money in knowledge to learn how to understand and make more money. If you are reading this and you already on Hive, then lucky you, you are one step closer to financial freedom. Take another step by always staking and powering up.

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