Not Far From ATH Now

The last All Time High was at $64,739 which was the price we saw bitcoin during the bull run in April. This year has been the year of bitcoin trying to prove to the world that its unstoppable, but why we are about to celebrate a new All Time High, I can’t help the feeling of expecting a massive dip because the bitcoin ETF seems fishy.


Why did Bitcoin start pumping during the month that bitcoin ETF was approved by the SEC? Because bitcoin is unregulated and decentralized, the regulators decided to create a “bitcoin clone “ that mimics the price of bitcoin. This is quite ridiculous in my opinion. How can you buy the mimic without buying the original, someone please help make sense out of this.

Looking at the crypto market generally, you can see that other Altcoins are just having a normal price trend, but bitcoin is the only coin having a great time with its price.

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