My 2021 HiveHighlight - On A Journey Of Working Towards My Purpose


Before I joined Hive in May 2021 I never knew I would get this far, I never considered myself a good writer or content creator, all I knew how to do was just surf the social media and stay in my Shell. So joining Hive, I was looking forward to just getting at least 1 person fo read my blog and find it useful. I didn’t want much, at least getting an upvote from one person and a comment was enough for me. This was the mentality I came into Hive with. I think my first Hive highlight should be my first post. I had my first like and it gave me my first $0.1, I was so excited because that was all the motivation I needed. I felt so good that someone read my post and felt I deserved $0.1 for what I wrote. I never I knew could see such an opportunity before in my life.

My greatest hive highlight is having a purpose and working towards it because that $0.1 gave me one. Before Hive, I had lost hope on setting goals nonetheless achieving those goals, but after finding Hive I started setting goals. I set a goal to get to 2,000 HP before the year ends, I blogged my ass off to achieve that goal, and here I am above 2,000 HP. It felt really good when I finally achieved that goal because I felt proud of myself. I achieved that goal on a clean slate, it was a proof that all my blogging hard work paid off.

My Leo power goal just reached 2,000, that’s another goal achieved. This means it’s time to set new goals for 2022. I just noticed the 2,000 Leo power this morning while writing this highlight, getting here wasn’t easy because drops of efforts is what makes the big win that will make everyone consider you lucky.

I had another goal of onboarding up to 10 hivers, I checked the list of people I have onboarded on Hive and I was seeing 36, this means I surpassed my goal of trying to bring 10 with an extra 26. Of course I didn’t do this all by myself I did with the help from certain friends who are also here on Hive.

One of my greatest Highlight here on Hive is my consistency on the blockchain, most especially in the Leofinance community. Blogging consistently for 7 months non-stop and dishing out 3-4 contents every day is not easy but I feel so proud of myself delivering the contents consistently. It gives me joy when I look back at my journey and know that I never stopped. The beauty of this is that creating content on Hive is now therapeutic for me. Whenever I feel down, I write it, whenever I feel motivated I write it, whenever I feel sad or happy, I write it down.

I’m hoping I get to 70 reputation before the year ends but getting above 60 reputation is also my highlight on Hive. I was thinking getting to 60 reputation would take me a year to reach but it took me less than 6 months, all thanks to consistency.

Interacting with Hivers on Twitter and having lots of Twitter followers because of my tweets about Hive is a great highlight am grateful for. Because, before Hive I had never tweeted with my personal account. I didn’t have that confidence to tweet, but Hive has given me a social media confidence.

The ultimate Hive highlight is waking up each morning and grateful for an opportunity to be on Hive. This is something that keeps me happy when am sad. Whenever am in a bad mood, i just remember that there is a community and platform called Hive and that brings me back to a better mood.

Let me use this opportunity to thank @guiltyparties for giving us this opportunity to share our Hive’s Highlights. To participate you can check Hive Highlight for more information.

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