Keeping Up With The LeoMobile App: Countdown To The Launch

It’s no doubt how active I have become on the Leofinance community. This is because of the financial knowledge I have acquired during the short 5 months I have been on this community. I can’t begin to talk of how grateful I am, this includes the friends I have made from this wonderful community. But I have always have slight issues using the site, sometimes it’s my network, sometimes it’s a Leofinance glitch.


The disadvantage I had on Leofinance when I initially started was the inability to upload images on it, glad to see I don’t have that issue anymore. Because it has saved me a great amount of stress making a post on and copy it from there to post on Leofinance.

I love money and ideas about it, so it gives me a great feeling of joy when I log into Leofinance and all I see are post of people talking about money, it’s like putting a bunny in a room full of carrot.

I was extremely busy yesterday, but I always have Leofinance on Twitter on Post on Notifications. The moment I got a notification from Twitter about Leofinance and I saw an app mentioned in the tweet, I bookmarked the tweet because I knew this was something I was going to come back to later.

On October 1st was the date I thought Leofinance was going to launch the app which is part of #projectblank. We knew thé thé launch date was closed by but we didn’t know when. You can imagine how I felt when I went back to my bookmarked tweet that took me to the official @leofinance post about the launch of the LeoMobile app. Guess the date I saw? 21st of October that’s few hours from this post. I was expecting this launch, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be launched few hours from now.

What Am I Expecting From It
The social media user experience, I feel a little embarrassed when my friends I invite to join the Leofinance community ask me where to download the app. The slight embarrassment that subtly shows in the way I reply saying:

“There is no app for now, you can use the site but the app will be ready soon”.

That feeling will be gone as I can boldly tell them right now to download the app from Apple App Store. The app will launch on iOS first, giving only Apple users the first access to the app. I guess it’s a lucky day to feel special using an iPhone, because I will be among the first people to use the Leomobile app.


Those of you that have been staking your Leo tokens, I feel good telling you congratulations because you made the right decisions. The price of leo is about to be worth it as it is likely that we are going to see lots of new investors.
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