Hive Price Stays Greening While Others Are Bleeding Red

I can’t talk about the price of hive well enough because I stay being proud of Hive everyday. It’s ironic how few months ago when I was new to hive I underestimated Hive. Well I didn’t do my research and my knowledge in cryptocurrency was simply buy, hodl and sell. A friend asked me how he was going to invest on Hive and I told him to invest some on proof of brain and some on Hive. He invested on both proof of brain and Hive, but he invested $3,000 on proof of brain and $400 on Hive.


He bought Hive and powered up when Hive was $0.19 or $0.2 there about, and he continued curating. This friend of mine called me today to tell me how proud he is for making that decision of buying Hive. He literally watched his $400 worth of Hive turn $1700 ish. We laughed about it and he said he wished he had invested more on Hive. This gave me a proud feeling because a friend just appreciated Hive and thanked me for introducing him into Hive and powering up. But that’s not the most amazing thing about hive this month for me.

So 4 months ago Hive was not close to being among the 7 - 10% value of my portfolio because when I started Hive I thought it’s utility was only limited to blogging. So Hive was pretty down in my portfolio, I think I had like 20 Hive then. But while exploring and learning more about Hive and it’s use case, I realized that it’s use are way more than I expected. So I decided to power up. I realized that I will certainly regret my decisions if I don’t power up. I powered up and delegated to lots of active curators on Hive, but my favorite is @ecency because they pay curation rewards in liquid Hive, but I still power those up.


This week we have seen the prices of lots of cryptocurrency fall in price because of the dip in bitcoin. But I was extremely proud of Hive’s price. We saw the price of Hive get to $1 and I was thinking the price was going to correct to $0.5 but then I was proved wrong. The price has been ranging between $0.7 and $0.8. Although from the chart you can see that Hive got to $0.9 some few hours ago. I’m proud to say that currently Hive is the second asset with the highest value on my portfolio. Having 20.8% of my total portfolio value.


Looking at my watchlist you can see how every other coin is bleeding red and Hive and Nexo are the coins not bleeding red. Hive is brightly green and that makes me happy and am writing and typing this article smiling.


Thanks For Reading, Don’t Forget To Power Up Your Hive

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