Does Talking About Crypto To Your Less Crypto Enthusiast Friend Make You Feel Like A Nuisance?

The beauty of knowing about cryptocurrency is that it’s hard to keep the information all to yourself. They may see it as you bothering them, but they don’t know what you are doing for them. I had the opportunity of investing in cryptocurrency in 2016 but I was too ignorant then.



I had this friend who always uses the slightest chance he has to discuss cryptocurrency with me back then in 2016, but I always found him to be a nuisance. This is because, this friend was known to be an unnecessary talker. He talks when his opinion is not asked for, in fact I find him to be very narcissistic. I’m sure other people feel the same way too, that was the main reason I never took his crypto advice seriously. Most times I find him staring at his laptop screen studying the crypto chart. But then I always found what he was saying to be worthless.


Fast forward to 2018 when someone else introduced bitcoin and Ethereum to me. I took this one seriously because he was a calm guy, not a narcissist, and I was convinced. This guy didn’t spend more than 20 minutes with me while explaining bitcoin. All he told me was that if I wanted to make lots of money, I should buy bitcoin and Ethereum leave it in my wallet and I will watch my money grow. Naive college me ran home and bought $100 each of bitcoin and Ethereum.

Out of Curiosity I decided to read more about bitcoin and Ethereum and I discovered that cryptocurrency is way beyond just buying and waiting to be rich. I gained too much knowledge and I find it hard to keep these knowledge all to myself. 80% of all my friends can testify that right now you can’t sit to have discussion with me without the involvement of cryptocurrency. My life is solely based on cryptocurrency and blockchain. I find myself talking about crypto currency like my narcissistic friend.

Sometimes while talking to them about cryptocurrency I feel like am bothering them or disturbing them. I start feeling like my narcissistic friend and I start questioning myself “Am I being a nuisance to this person?” “Should I shut up?” “Am I talking too much?” But the ironic part of this is that, when they finally grasp the idea of cryptocurrency and the importance, they would be the one disturbing you that they want to buy. You find them always calling your phone about guidance on a specific coin or an idea based on some personal research they are doing.


This is same thing am experiencing on Hive, at the initial stage of trying to convince them to register an account in Hive and telling them about the benefits of Hive and how Hive will be one of the best tokens in the world, I feel like a nuisance. It’s hard convincing them that all they need to do is create content. You can’t explain Hive to a newbie without explaining the basic terms of crypto. They need to understand it properly to eradicate the idea that they are making free money.

Right now I don’t really stress it when talking about crypto to friends except they are the ones initiating the crypto conversation. If they don’t initiate the conversation, I don’t talk about it. This way am able to retain a little bit of self dignity. Because talking about cryptocurrency to my less crypto enthusiastic friend when they are obviously showing signs of disinterest, is pure disturbance. I really want the best for my friends, hence the crypto discussion, but I don’t have to be a nuisance. With this attitude, it has helped me select quite a good number of friend circle that are serious in crypto investments. I’m happy for this circle but more people is still not bad so we can share more ideas and give each other more information regarding cryptocurrency.

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