Bitcoin ETF Just Stopped Trading (It’s The Weekend)

The bitcoin ETF must have brought some culturally accepted changes towards bitcoin which must have made it pumped during the week, but you can’t help but see some of the disadvantages of the bitcoin ETF. It’s nice to know that the Bitcoin ETF has created more hope towards the power of bitcoin. This has also attracted more investors towards bitcoin as ETF investors might what to do their Bitcoin research before investing. So the most important advantage of this ETF is that it brings confidence towards bitcoin.


Bitcoin ETF is meant to mimic the price of the actual Bitcoin (BTC), which was created so some people can have control.
This is way against the reason behind the creation of bitcoin which is decentralization. You can’t get a bitcoin ETF without going through a broker, and my question still stands, why get a bitcoin dummie when you can get the real one for the same price. Bitcoin can be gotten through peer to peer and Decentralized exchanges, but the ETF need a custodian third party.inspiration

Voting rights during forks because you own bitcoin is not possible with the bitcoin ETF because owning a bitcoin ETF is owning shares in bitcoin. So don’t consider yourself a bitcoin owner if you own a Bitcoin ETF. inspiration

Now let’s watch manipulations in the market happen so often as investors are likely to short any how.

The most absurd obvious thing to look at is that it’s the weekend and the stock market Wall Street has closed. So you can’t trade the Bitcoin ETF during this time. This is something that has never happened with the actual bitcoin. Bitcoin has traded all day, 24/7 during the weekend. So why subject yourself to so much restrictions instead of just buying the actual coin and enjoy its benefits.

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