Being Bullish in Bear Market

I think I am old enough in cryptocurrency as I was seriously jump into crypto in 2017. Though I have already known Bitcoin since 2010. But unfortunately I was so doubtful of the digital coin. I just heard of Bitcoin and never bought any sigle BTC in 2010. Then I was surprised when BTC skyrocketed in 2013, and I didn’t buy any coins in the bear market few years later.


Fortunately, I knew Steemit/Hive in 2017 and I started entering into crypto market. I bought some coins the 2018-2019 and held them, including ETH, BNB, Steem, Doge. However, I was still a bit doubtful of buying them in much sum. You know, I regret not to buy them as much as I can.

Now I started investing coins in this bear market. I am bullish now, it’s a big opportunity to collect much coins with cheap price. Sure, I have to buy coins with good projects and use case like $Hive, $ETH, $Jasmy, $Coti, $Vet, etc, including some memes with huge holders like $Shib, $babydoge, $yooshi. I am investing by DCA as I am sure the bear market is till going for months or years maybe. So, it’s not wise to be all in as the bottom is not in.

I learned little by little Technical Analysis. And I have also to consider BTC Dominance (BTCD) when to buy alts. I have already known when to buy alts in huge load by knowing BTCD precisely.

We know that bear market is like a crisis. That’s a good condition to do investments though we have to hold our coins in longterm until the next bull market, the next bull run with $BTC is over $200,000 and $Hive is over $10!

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