Hive & Leo on the downward spiral. What should I do?


So you're probably new to this if you're worried that what was worth worth $100 is now worth barely $20. Welcome to half the Hivean's lives in here. If you speak to @simplymike then she will tell you the story of how she bought Hive at $11 before the January 2018 crash. Now sitting at 28c I think she eventually got tired of waiting for the pump back up.

This is a lot of what we will all tell you. Those of us that thought it was a good idea to buy in at the time. We're all sitting here patiently waiting for that which we poured in thousands to go back up to a decent level again.

But it's not too dissimilar from many other crypto stories. I remember talking to a guy that had sold his house for Ethereum and he was wondering whether to cut his losses because the slide from $150 to $50 was too great. I sure hope he held onto them like I advised. But, people rarely listen.

Us Hiveans are usually in a unique position when it comes to massaging our losses though. If you think about it like this there are ample ways on here to earn. Just tagging proofofbrain, and leo and keeping it in context will net you a tidy sum over a year. I don't know of any other blockchain that gives you the opportunity to do that. Hive is pretty special.

And the best unique part? Well, there's no owner. If you wanted to create your own side chain about massive titties then you're welcome to do so. Provided people want to buy in then you can be as successful or unsuccessful as you wish. Some of us hiveans have large bags to blow our wads in some of the craziest stuff on here.

I always make the joke about telling my wife that I'll be buying some ass for later - a coin on hive-engine. Crazy, huh?

It's quite the difference from many other chains out there. Although centralized (I've speculatively heard this, whether it's true or not I am unsure, when it comes to server space and computing capacity for the nodes), Hive is highly decentralised. There is no point of contact and if you lose your keys or your account well unlucky for you!

That being said there are other chains like Steem for example, that if you were to create a system similar to hive engine on the Steem chain then you better hope that Justin Sun agrees with it or you'll get zero'd and disappeared pretty quickly. Or worse, your funds will be stolen right from under your nose.

The main attraction with Hive is there is no centralized point of authority. So anyone can come here and build anything they want to -- providing the wider community is in consensus of course. I doubt we'd readily welcome an actual Nazi group who believe in 1940 Germany ideas. But, despite that, our community is usually open and ready for new ideas to push this chain forward.

And as Facebook and Twitter become more centralized, banning people that don't parrot their closely aligned ideals, we will see a slow increase of steady users. Plus, we should also prepare to onboard a lot more in the coming six months as more people find out about us, and Hive climbs to heights again. It will, as it always does.

And then this neatly rounds me back to the price of Leo and Hive and the crater we've been seeing over this last month or two. It'll go back up again. It always does. It's actually a good time to buy some more right about now because it won't stay like this for long. Especially when this is the season too.

So my advice to you would be to hold fast and keep either buying or writing. Keep collecting those Hive's because a time will come when you won't know what hit you. We will exist in a state of Euphoria and everyone will be cashing out their 100 Hives for $1000. I've been here twice now since that has been the case. It's happened twice, I am pretty sure it will happen again. Mark my words.

And get ready. Because you're about to meet a lot of new people that will be eager to find out about this hive place and what the hell it does. Because people seem to be making a mint from it.

So if you're reading this and you're an oldie like me and you've been here through the highs and the lows, do the newbs a favour and tell them the Euphoria wont last for long. The bottom is going to open from underneath the floor and swallow those high prices up.

But fear not, we get to collect and wait for the next four years to steal the show again! :)

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