What Doesn't REK you Makes you Wiser



The well known saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is one of much wisdom. Whenever something knocks you down, you are able to stand up, and are prepared if that something would try to knock you down in the same manner. A similar philosophy can be applied to trading and buying cryptocurrencies. One bad trade may teach you not to panic as much, or not to invest in questionable tokens, the so-called shit-coins. And buying at a high price because you are impatient or fear missing out on all that profit, might teach you a hard lesson of patience and strategy.

Rational decisions powered by thought, logic and most of all experience always outweigh the emotional ones in terms of outcome. One might get lucky with a provoked decision that is not thought out, but not everyone has as much of lady luck on their side. So go out on your decentralized adventure, learn from mistakes, but remember to keep clear head on top of emotional balance. And happy trading!


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