Hive will Outlive Bitcoin


Bitcoin is all the rage and has been for a while, especially when Bitcoin is misbehaving and breaking all time high barriers. But whenever I tell people about my main source of generating cryptocurrency funds, Hive, they frown in a confused manner, not knowing what I'm talking about. That's the situation now, but will it be the situation far down the road? I've had this discussion in different settings, will Bitcoin survive, or will utility outlive commodity. Tokens with a clear cut use case have more potential than a financial cryptocurrency treated as a stock, without much use case value.

I often refer to Bitcoin as the of our time. AOL was all the rage, but faded in the background and made way for bigger homepages of the web like msn and yahoo, and eventually google. Much like how this example developed over time, I believe the popularity of platforms like Hive will increase overtime, while market share giant BTC fades into the background. And eventually on the long run even Hive might fade, making room for the next big thing, and thus the cycle repeats itself.


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