Blockchain is Ready to Change the World, are you Ready to let it Happen?



You can spend your dat playing a game, building your virtual city, battling fantasy monsters against each others. Writing a blog, interacting with people on different interests or just sharing a story or awesome picture. Those are just some of the possibilities blockchain offer. And that's only just the Hive blockchain. There are many more possibilities. From data storage, to financial asset management. Having your own digital identity decentralized or streaming media like music and videos. And all of this can be done decentralized, eliminating the money-focused middleman in the process.

Blockchain is bleeding into every aspect of our daily lives, furthering us more and more towards a decentralized existence. There's even blockchain technology systems aimed at reinventing the internet as we know it, replacing the world wide web, which is an unthinkable thought to some. The application of DLT systems (Distributed Ledger Technology) is a spectrum as broad as can be. If you can imagine it, it's possible. And even if you can't imagine it, it might still be possible. Blockchain is ready to change the world, are you ready to let it?


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