Blockchain is Constantly on The Move || Can you Keep Up?


I was out of the cryptocurrency loop for about 5-6 days, and it seems like I've missed a lot. Not only in price action, but even here on Hive. The amount of new content to go through, the people to interact with, comments demanding my attention. Trades I usually do with passive income have been piling up. It's not a significant amount by any Dolphin's standard, but it still goes to show how active the decentralized world really is.

Blockchain is constantly on the move and waits for no one. You might be a millionaire for 30 seconds, and then you blink and your broke. Decentralized file storage might be the next big thing, and then 5 seconds later people are talking about the integration of DeFi in everyday society, while they buy collectable beenie babies on the blockchain, or fight fantasy monsters for tokens, power and glory. No matter in which direction you look, decentralization is on the move. Will you be able to keep up?


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