Rising Star: Back in Game in increasing my Rank and NFT collection.

Rising Star: Back in Game in increasing my Rank and NFT collection.

I started with Rising star somewhere back in September 2020 and I am almost regular in this game and frankly speaking I was never get bored with this game and love to see my starbits increasing after each mission day by day.

Cards collected in this process are added plus as this is free to play game and I used my earned Starbits to buy the cards .

I currently reached level 75 that means I am able to compete in "Band Audition" and I need to complete this mission so that I can able to unlock the next zone in game.


(Unfortunately , I was so accustomed to do "Local Mini Tour Support " mission that when I unlocked "Band Audition" mission , I still did "Local Mini tour support Mission". )

Currently my focus is now to unlock 4 Band members slot , (that is now purely dependent on luck also and let's see how much time it will take.)

Rewards structure of Game

Apart from earning Starbits by playing game , top 104 player also earn Hive that is distributed to them daily based on their ranking on the game.

When rank was first introduced in game, I remember that I was around at 112 position and now I slipped to rank 242 now. There is multiple factor of this slipping like not playing enough and one of the main reason is not having enough and diverse cards.

Focusing On cards/packs

One of thing is that I am not buying packs and cards for long time but now I decided to use my Starbits to buy some pack and advance in game by having more cards, more diverse cards and having more fans by cards will increase in Starbits income as Starbits income from mission is dependent upon number of "active" fans that you have during the mission.
so cards increase the permanent fans (if they are people/vehicle cards).

So after a long gap I opened the packs today


So it is almost 5 month that I have opened the last pack.
I am going to be regular to open the pack to check my luck as in current pack I guess only R69 Lucy is somewhat desirable cards and rest of cards can be easily purchased without spending much Starbits.

If you get an legendary cards in pack then it is worth buying the packs as they are almost priced to high or in other user who get legendary ,seldom part with their card making it more pricey.
Even if you get a Epic card, it is also good as you can see by opening three pack I did not get any epic card. Trying your luck for epic and legendary card buy opening pack is worth the risk.

Join the Game

If you want to join the game, then you can join it using my referral link

Join the Community

If you are interested in music then feel free to join MusicForLife 🎶 🎶 Community .


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