Astral Entities: Hurry up to claim your free NFT.

Astral Entities: Hurry up to claim your free NFT.

I guess few of you have already read my last post on Astral Entities and that also give the brief idea about the game and free claim of the NFT if you join the Discord of the game and dropped your WAX address at their .(Do not worry ,this time is a new giveaway.)


Game is developed by HellaRadGames and it is expected to be a nice, fun and challenging game that will help the player to earn from very first day. Game has NFT that are in WAX blockchain and idea of the development team is to create the NFTs that can be used in the multiple games.(If in future someone want to create their own game then they can contact the developers and integrate their game with the NFT set.)

Currently game development is in progress and presale is expected to be start on end of July(estimated but may be later). So currently the team is doing and promotion and giveaway so that they can reach to more and more audience. Below NFT can be your if you follow the few simple steps.


Free NFT Claim
For your free NFT claim follow the below instructions.

  1. Follow Astral Entities on Facebook
  2. Comment your wax address

Giveaway will end June 19th at 9:00pm EST

REMEMBER: ONLY those who comment their wax address will receive the NFT!

Below is the screenshot from their discord, for claiming the free NFT.


So hurry, and claim this free NFT by following and commenting before 19 June 2021 ,9:00 pm EST.

Disclaimer: My information is based on the talks in Discord channel and Press Release document and Roadmap shared by team. This is not the financial advice , please Do Your Own Research.

Join Discord for more information
For more information about this project please join the Discord and drop your WAX address on their channel.

Sources: Images are taken from Astral Entities Discord Server /Astral Entities Facebook post.

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