Being self-reliant: A way out of unemployment || Lpud: One year of participation.

I have been inactive for a while on Hive and it's due to the cumbersome activities at the camp. The life of a Nigerian graduate is turning into something else for me. The stress from morning till night without having time for myself is something I never thought could happen to me. You can imagine going through the stress of gaining admission into the University, attending lectures and returning home in the evening, then school finished, thinking that is the end. I thought there wouldn't be any more stress but reality dawned on me when I was posted to the North for a 3 week of orientation service as a corper (National Youth Service Corps). This isn't different from how life in school is because the daily lectures we keep receiving makes it looks as if we are in a school setting. Hehehe.

I realized that one would keep the pace going while chasing after their dream and career, and also work towards building a better life for themselves financially.


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Who would want to settle for less in this economy when things are going up? The truth is, complaining that there is no job out there won't do anything except one finds something to do. We acted a drama titled "Self Reliance: A Way out of Unemployment" in my platoon last night. This was about some individuals who had finished from school, gone for service and completed the one-year programme, trying to deliberate on what to do next to survive and build a stable life while creating wealth for themselves. There was one who depended on his uncle to give him a job after the completion of his service but was disappointed when others started working on themselves by being self-reliant.

When a way isn't sure, it is to try the next route because just as someone said, there are 26 chances to be successful, if plan A doesn't work, try B and if it doesn't work too, try the next and next.....because in the end, one will click. The idea is not to stay idle but to find something to move out from becoming poor in the future.

Unemployment can be a demoralising and difficult experience for an individual. It is not easy to be motivated and hopeful when you aren't working to earn an income. But when you are self-reliant, it is possible to solve the issue of unemployment and give yourself a better life. In many ways, being self-reliant can lead one to become employed.

Self-reliance will lead to more new opportunities: When an individual isn't playing the blame game on the government for being the cause of unemployment for many people, and working on his or herself, new opportunities will come especially when such an individual has learnt new skills in the process. With this, he can solve the problem of unemployment for himself or herself.

Self-reliance can help to reduce reliance on others: In a state where an individual who isn't earning an income but keeps depending on another person for living all the time, the helper would feel burdened and tired, but when the individual can find something to do for himself, it will reduce the burden on himself and the other person. Most times, it leads to disappointment and shame when you keep relying on someone else every time but when you are self-reliant, there wouldn't be any issues of disturbing other people.

Self-reliance can also create more income streams: In today's economy and world, one cannot survive only with one source of income. We have been told how to become versatile and not be confined or limit ourselves to a job but to have different skills which would fetch more streams of income for us.

Being self-reliant is the only way out of unemployment while building for yourself a financial life where you don't need to depend on or rely on anyone.

I have been a graduate since the year 2021 and without a job I was doing outside, I became reliant since I met Hive. One of the ways I am solving the problem of unemployment for myself is by building my future on Hive, staking tokens while aiming for the long term, believing that in the next few years, will be happy walking in the right path.

On this note, I have decided to focus on my growth in Hive with my Hive Power and Leo Power. For today's Lpud, I decided to power up 300 Leo tokens which has increased my LP to 5,300.

Before Power UpPowering UpAfter Power Up

I believe in building my account for the long term and I am sure that $LEO token will increase very high in a few years.

Leo Power Up Day is an initiative just like Hive Power where we Power up a minimum of 150 Leo on the 15th of every month. I am happy to announce that this month clocks a year since I joined the Lpud initiative, and so far, I have achieved my first target of 5k even before the end of the year as I had set. The goal is to keep moving and my next target is to have 10k LP in my account.

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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