This year has proved to be a challenge for many. Taking away what covid-19 is doing to distroy our daily lives, businesses are suffering to stay open. Unless you are delivering goods and deemed essentials your business is hurting big time. Sometimes in 2017 there was a family making the move to live solely on crypto for couple years and then retire early if #bitcoin hit the big one. This is the vision the family had at that time before the end of 2017 rise of #bitcoin value.

We all know the trend that right after 2018, the value has dropped to a point right in early 2018 and 2019 we saw #btc dropping to low of $3000. It was nerve racking knowing it should not hit rock bottom. This family understands the volatility in crypto. What makes their story great is the fact they did not give up. I must say they started this journey with a substantial amount of fiat that they convert to bitcoin. As they explained at first it was hard finding ways to exchange crypto to fiat. They persevere and now they are teaching and helping others to take that route.

Usually when you hear people talking about crypto, you are holding till the value goes to the moon. For them it was not the case. The good part of the story is when they purchase in 2017 the price was affordable till now. They find a way to live on minimal instead of living large. So the case is clear not everyone will get a limbo. The main idea is use #crypto as a mean of doing business. It will take some times for crypto to be widespread.

This family sets an example as to how crypto can be arranged to grow. One key thing about crypto it will grow where banks are less active. Truly I say to you if this family can make it happen, many family will embark on this road. The story is really great cause they are traveling and educating the world how to survive solely on crypto. I cannot wait the moment where crypto could be a choice to hold your saving. It is possible right now except you need to constantly change back to fiat. With #defi and interest earning from many proof of stake tokens, this goal is getting tracking. I knew crypto around 2013 but not much as how to earn from it unless a price swing.

#steem and to an extention #hive helps me realize you can earn through crypto without being a developer.
Now everyone can earn with crypto as long you are willing to contribute somehow.
Covid-19 can slow the momentum but not stopping it.
Be safe.

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