Making excuses are what humans do to make ways or change how the game is played.
It could be mix message to appease the other side. You find all of it this week.
I have to say it is a mix of the stock market moving sideways.
When you are ready to see crypto like Btc reaches $100k, it will not happen today
or tomorrow. Weird messages are spreading like wild fire to slow down the growth
of crypto. I am not sure if I should say it is a rebalance in the market but it is
something worth thinking.

Hive is a blockchain run on the system called #DPOS. delegated proof of stake.
If you go to FAQ you will find a lot of principles
and how to behave and how the blockchain behaves towards the community. This is so
2016,2017. We lost our good manners.
Directly you can visit this link to know precisely the difference between all the #proof


So if I get it right proof of work is against the health of the planet. So many companies
are coming out saying they will not be buying btc so they can reduce the carbon footprint.
Unfortunately BTC runs on (POW). It needs a lot of powerful computers to find the blocks.
Compare to Hive (phew) it runs on (DPOS) we rely on the witnesses top 20 to mine and create
blocks. So Hive is safe.

Weird to say BTC and its little far away cousin run on POW. But the attack is on BTC. Luckily
ETH knew something and they are trying so hard to change it to POS. It is hard to predict
anything in crypto world when a tweet can evaporate thousands of dollar. When you get info
and you dissect info, you have a feeling of where we are heading. It is like someone steps on the break
in the middle of the highway.

It could be a break to see if an accident will happen and weak hands will fall flat in their face.
It could be many things. Cryptocurrency is so amazing and the technology behind it is lightyears
away it should not be in our hands. So sorry to see folks are jumping behind meme token like
they are running out of options when they should invest in real, solid tokens with applications.
One guy called me about one on uniswap. Unfortunately he does not know how to connect his wallet
so he is out of luck. I do not think he know what wallet to connect. He is one in a million bringing
bad vibes to crypto.

Information out there is so out of shape, I sense disaster miles away. I have to say proof
of stake will grow due to the fact of the engagement it induces on the holders. You can see the
effect of Hive in long term goal. Everyone can participate, witnesses, curators, holders, HBD holders,
Hive power holders you name it. It does not burn a lot of electricity. You might have to pay to run a node
and a witness server but the reward can sustain your existence long term.

I was thinking of May as a bridge month to carry us over the hump for another run soon. I guess the wait
will be longer. Another run could come over all the way to December. If not another run could come all the way
to 2024. Maybe I push it to far away. I'd rather be safe than jump into conclusion. So now you got the memo.
Cardano is riding high on POS and many more tokens just like Hive. I think we are in good place going forward.

I do not think BTC is going away. The market will evaluate where it wants to go. The future of the blockchain has
more to worry just for Bitcoin. 60% of the marketcap is moving away from Bitcoin. At the beginning of the year the focus
was just bubble. Now we go back to fundamental. Glad to know hard fork will come to make this blockchain more efficient
and hopefully if everything falls in place we can see the value thereafter.
Since most of the Defi I know runs on POS, this is the system that will encompass the future of the blockchain.
In the meantime, stay put, stack them tokens.

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