This post is for the community of Lions.
In this list you have the top 20 witnesses of the Hive blockchain.
If you look at the list, it is pretty extensive of all the hard
on the job for keeping the blockchain safe with the price target
and keep everything afloat for the exchange to update their price.

Many of them are out of their presentation cause they have been
around since Hive inception going way back to 2016 from the parent
blockchain Steem. The main reason they are in the top, because
they receive vote from everyone that approved their hard and tedious
24 hours effort to keep the ball rolling.

I managed to know quite a few of them and sincerely they are humans
after all. All I have to say, good job everyone.
If you look at the list from #peakd, you can witness them updating
the price feed constantly. This could be a little overwhelming
to keep up with price swing, unless you have a bot doing it for you.

Scrolling down to 21 all the way to 35, you can see some missing the boat
on the price feed while many still keeping up the task.
It is about time we push leofinance to top 20.
At the same time it will be a race to get there.
It can only be 20 top so does Leofinance be part
of this list.

We all like to see the stride by this team. I, myself missed the vote
on Leofiance team so I fixed it. It is about time we do the right thing.
This extra push for them to earn more as witness will keep them relevant
and bring more value to the blockchain.

It is clear to see the gigantic arm of #leo all
over twitter pushing leo and hive. Promo is their thing.
It is hard not to see 24 hours without 2 or three quick tweets
about leo.
Soon we will be bless by December to see their new roll out in the
leo sphere.

A vote for leofinance as a top witness is a vote of making sure
we stay in contention and keep the price and stay ahead of the game.
I will be watching to see if we move up the stairs.


Let us move the chain and see us grab some smaller numbers.
It will not be easy but doable. This community is so strong
we need a voice up in the ranking.
So let's aim by end of November top 25.
We have done so much,

  • price rise
  • wleo liquidity pool
  • constant update on leofinance UI and many more.
    I can't count.

Let's do this together.

First and foremost if you read post from
@leofinance at the end you will find an indication
where you can click and vote for their witness
Here is the link

Other ways you can do it, go to peakd.com, right on the profile page
click right on actions and click on review witnesses.
Make your pick your top 30 witnesses.
If possible reshuffle and pick the ones that fit your bills.
Most likely #leofinance should be one of them.


There you have it. Getting Leofinance on the leaderboard
is not a spring, it will be a journey of all lions votes
to stay up in the top 20.
Enough said let's do our part for the betterment of #leo