It is hard to keep your eyes away from the market for less than couple of hours and
you see Bitcoin climbing. It happened last night while I was watching the game. The feeling is overwhelming
positive for #btc to raise its feet and keep climbing.
Lately it is way above $10k during this difficult time.
Quite a few news could seem to derail this jump. I think this is the kind of news that propel crypto to rise.

I know Square and many other companies did purchase bitcoin.
Even though Bitmex issue was getting notice, it shows
this is their problem and not bitcoin.
Some suggested along side the big purchase news,
the idea of another stimulus
brings fire for the appreciation of bitcoin.
Wherever you go you get informed about crypto. It has become a part our life.

The decision we should all have, is to store some bitcoin away for the future.
The tendency is clear to think of bitcoin as
the digital gold.
This Friday I was reading about the Justice department put in place
a plan to tackle people that may want to use
crypto for illicit matters.
While everything is happening, they are following the power of the people.
Crypto is the vehicle that is empower everyone.
Gladly they elaborate and see many great features crypto presented.
Just like every form of exchange, some people may try to use it for other purpose.
Crypto has proved to be the choice of this new generation.

Just like everyone else I receive my share of the pool of #wleo.
The pool itself is growing and getting close to reach $500k.
Slowly we are approaching to the million mark.
I heard the news of exchange for Wleo.
Really good to see how beneficial it will be
for the whole ecosystem and to Hive as well.

I plan to upgrade my contribution to the pool.
Opportunity to earn more leo and open the door
for others to come and use power of brain to earn more.
Without notice this is good for Hive by providing
another tunnel to move hive and leo around.
So far 2020 will finish great for this blockchain.
Keep on holding

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