For the arrival of May I posted so far three pics of Hive in the market. The timing can differ daily but it is what Hive is giving us. Hive is substantially a token with zero fanfare. You get what you sow. One commenter even explains Hive value is so deep it is part of the community DNA. At sometimes Hive is acting as a stablecoin knowing #HBD already mesmerizing how it should work.
This is clearly worth mentioning during unstable time.

#Hive tends to find ways to act as a token willing to go through calamity and stay true.
Daily volume is more than what you see in the pic. Easily Hive reached more than $7 million when you take account of other exchanges not listed and Hive second layer movement. It is abundantly moving into the right direction for everything it provides its holders.


While you see volatility in other tokens, Hive responds with measure. A slide will always happen here and there but Hive weathered the storm carefully.
This time I think having HBD mounting interest at 20% should elevate the prospectus for Hive going forward. Hive holders understand value more than you think. Decentralization could be the order of the blockchain. It will always be available and you are free to hold as much as you can appreciate it.

Sincerely this year is a done deal for crypto. It has established to be a force for quite sometimes. Volatility will be at a minimum. We should not expect a rise in value where outside funds will flock crypto like 2019,2020. Since many have short memory, you will see rises from time to time.
The logic of holding is very time consuming but it works when you think of inflation and you are unable to fully understand the market day by day.

Crypto has the notion to provide easy exchange without borders. It is about time the promotion starts. This is a major use case for crypto. Actually I was reading how Washington could turn yellow in the incoming years. The big crypto pocket market wants to have a voice. They have to spend it where we know they should. After all when money is involved I am sure politicians do not discriminate if it is gold, crypto or plain fiat. They need funds to run the agenda. As a crypto holder the wave will be welcoming. More use cases will allow more openness for crypto to take the charge everywhere not just Washington.

This community is well versed with value. Hive is not shy about showing its true value.
Many find the value by holding. Others by writing consistently and build rapport. Lately the value I admire comes from commenting. You name it value has all shape and forms. First layer, second layer. This is continuous for the ones who understand the ramification of value.
I think Hive as a crypto with the most diverse end point englobes how to attract and retain values.
This is the time where affirmation converges to qualification.

It is a lot easier to inspire fear in people. Actually it has become way too easy. Everyday the crypto mania will not die. I think it is time people start thinking in crypto verse. It is on the way and slowly it might grab you by surprise.
The financial system is so unstable there is always another fish to fry.
One key aspect one must remember, there will always be currency changing hands and this is what crypto is best at.
Better be ready when you know its value.
Keep vesting.

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