It has become apparent where cryptocurrency is heading.
Click into any online site and you are presented with the issue
of governement backed stablecoins. It is like in my eyes a cat and mouse
play where they are not sure where to start. It appears they want to start
together to avoid messy conflict.

In the meantime private companies are accumulating into bitcoins and most of the top 10
use tokens. The frenzy seems monopolized but it is heading to a peak point to dictate
where to hit first. The cool part out of this shows the world is slowly gravitating
toward crypto.

You can see they are not sure about how to implement a digital token.
Last week the list of traded companies holding crypto could be a sign
Winklevoss brothers are going for a run. So far crypto represents the safest way to track
the movement of value. You could say government should grab this opportunity
and establish key point to move right alone.

At the same time private sectors are the best to tackle this infinite work.
Regulation should help to deviate bad actors and keep everyone accountable.
Watching cryptos from all front you may ask which branch will grow first.
As of right now, #defi is about to flip the whole sphere.

I wish it is regulate and help the Liquid providers not lose money in the meantime.
When you are pioneers, be ready for trials and errors. Unlike #ether the choice
may get wider where security with a price is welcome.

Staking option is another craze across the cryptosphere. Not everyone can mine or do task
to earn more. Just holding a token and earn a return is really attracting many to join.
Many tokens are joining this way of securing their blockchain. Proof of brain and curating
is another notion similar to staking.

CBDC could be long time coming and truly the break away crypto
needs to change the landscape for all.
China is working on that aspect.
Do you recall Venezuela trying Petrodollar?
I recalled during the debate for the first stimulus
some members of the parliament was asking to pay folks through digital currency so they can keep
track of the funds.

Maybe they know something we don't. Actually just having such discussions is the common denominator
for everyone to hold on to their crypto. So the competition is something worth watching as a citizen.
2020 is truly a shadow year with everything going on.
2021 could be the year where the financial opportunity blossoms.
Make 2020 your year to break to the top.

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