This task is still on the making for the mind of many.
Building a system where folks will buy it and use it
could be what we are trying to achieve for the last 5 years.
Somehow it sticks around where you and I can be here to discuss further about it.
Definitely it requires one to think outside the box.

Like they say, don't just think outside the box, think there is no box.
These few words stands strong when you see many drop the other social media
to give more time to Hive blockchain and further into #leofinance where mainly
financials are the subject of everyday life. For the past two years it has been
the words on the community where all minds think alike get together to reinforce
this notion.

After a while it gets boring coming over without seeing movement in the community.
The part I like, things happen so fast.
It is not about the speed of rushing and get this done.
It is about keeping the community up to date with what needs to become of certain projects.
Due to trust factor and high esteem of the team of Leofinance,
they delivered in due time.

I recalled the first main project outside the box was connecting via #uniswap Leo to ether.
This project brings so much light to the community,
The value of Leo before hand appreciates
immensely. Since then there is no stopping.
I have to mention there was a roadblock in the way that last maybe a month or two. It did not stop
the project from going ahead.
It reinforces the mentality of knowing we all belong here no matter the obstacles.


I was shocked to see couple people running away.
The main thing the soul of the community stands with
One lion whale did a show of grandeur by investing a large amount of Leo.
This alone shows
how much many believe in this project.
Sometimes you do not have to say a word, your action speaks volume.
Indeed many lions stand ground and continue to show support.
Ups and downs, Leofinance is here to stay.

I cannot forget many upgrades behind the scene to make the site faster response for commenting and upvoting.
All the other sites associated with Leofinance. Got to name a few

Hope I do not miss one but you can see how hard the team is working to keep us align
with their objectives.
I use them daily to know where I am. Hopefully one day it all can be one stop shopping
where one site serves all just by clicking on a window.
This is tremendous work to accomplish all within a year.
I can see all these were already in the scratching board,
time like now allows it to come alive.

Actually they have more projects inline.
Microblogging is another one that will move this community around and many more
like #leobridge.
When you mix trust with sense of getting thing done,
you got a recipe where #Leofinance comes running.
The community is getting stronger.
They are adding more lions than ever.
With the arrival of #cub finance, it is a game changer.

This is truly thinking out of the box.
Now the learning curve is maximizing.
Do not blame #leo if you do not know #pancakeswap.
The learning experience is keeping us in the loop.
I was behind with learning about multiple chain can interact together the right way.
Adding leobridge into the mix,
#Binance chain,
smart chain will be able to connect with erc20 token.
It could be easier to follow a guide to do things.
This is the moment to further your knowledge in multiple tokens.

#Cub defi serves more than 8 tokens.
As we progress, more on the way like #DEC.
This is the right time to delve into them and see why we purpose them to earn cub.
At least I am getting myself immerse in this defi to see how far the rabbit hole goes.
The value each of us brings is beyond the limit you impose.
Writing and commenting keep the chain moving.
Upvoting and powering up
secure the chain. Learning and reading other lions encourage each other.
We are about constantly moving the chain.
#leofinance is a community in a mission to do that.

As of late many other projects are being boosted as well.
The positive effect help to build this bridge.
It is a circle going around.
The mindset as I mention is clear,
Leofinance enables us to understand there is more than one blockchain.
In order to survive you need to watch your surroundings and plan ahead.
Keep moving and support your peers.
This is how you blend social media with a world turning around finance.
I promise you will earn in the long run.
Keep stacking them cubs.