July Earnings of a Small Fish

Are you also wondering if your small pile of hard earned crypto's can be increased without doing too much for it? Don't worry it's not just the big fish in the sea and the crypto whales that can accumulate free coins!


July was a pretty good month

Even though I have been super busy (quit my job and moving tomorrow) I have had quite a good month in July. The markets picked up again leaving me back in the green with my portfolio (yay!) and I have decided to take on some new ways of making money that have been quite successful!

Hive blogging: $49.51 A bit more than last month so pretty happy with that! I have mainly been diving into the POB community and that has given me over 50 POB tokens, which I am staking now! I really enjoy this platform a lot!

Celsius $40.85 I got a referral bonus (yay!) so got a lot more from Celsius this month. I know this won't be like this every month, but I am happy with Celsius and slowly accumulating here. If you want to try it you can use my referral

Noise.Cash $26.90 I am loving Noise.Cash so far! I found a nice group to discuss football with and can make a decent amount of money from it! Will definitely continue to use this!

Reddit Moons: $18.66 I got 81 moons this month, which is the current market would be worth just under $20, though it has been going up quite a bit. I am starting to consider selling some, the price is good and I am starting to sit on a nice amount of money. I can't seem to make up my mind though, any thoughts?

Coinbase Earn $7 They had three different projects on this month (the Graph only for $1 haha). I put all my earnings from Coinbase Earn in Polygon as I am quite bullish on that. If you want to check Coinbase out here is my referral

Read.Cash $3.61 I have been having some more problems with Noise.Cash's big brother Read.Cash. I have found a sponsor now and a bit more is happening, but not much still. I also don't love the interface as much as I do with Hives, but I keep at it! I really notice that you get a lot more output when you put more time in, so hopefully after the move that can happen!

Publish Ox $2.23 I made a bit more, but wasn't that active as I was very busy this month. Hopefully will have more time for this in August

Betfury: $0.09 Not really getting anywhere with this, but apparently still not ready to give it up.... Giving it till October to prove itself or it will get cut. If you're interested go here

Total July Earning: $148.85!!!

Needless to say I am super stoked as previous month was just under $70! So I have more than doubled this month! The Celsius thing being a one time thing of course, but I feel like I am on track! Together with finally having my portfolio back in the green I am pretty happy.

Goals for August: Keep going on Hive and being keeping active on POB. Keep Noise.Cash going the way it is now, hopefully increasing my following. I really hope to invest more time in Read.Cash I think it has a good potential. And I am looking to put some money in Cake DeFi to grab the $50 bonus for signing up, just waiting on the KYC right now.

So small fishes in the sea, don't be discouraged by all the big fishes, I hope I have shown you that you can make free crypto through interaction and hodling. Best of luck to you all for the month of August!

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