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Hello community, my name is Adriana Guzmán, of Venezuelan nationality and gas engineer, married and mother of two girls. From 2017 to the present, I have been without a formal job, since the birth of my first daughter I wanted to be a full-time mom, but in Venezuela you cannot live on a single salary, so I had to manage to produce money For my home, I started with a venture by buying merchandise online and reselling it physically, I did well in that venture for many months, until in a bad move of fate I was scammed, one of the unreliable suppliers sent me some stones instead of the merchandise, I had almost all my investment fund in that purchase, in addition I had to pay the shipping of the stones that was expensive due to the weight. I wanted to cry because I believed that everything was lost, but as an enterprising mother, I did not let myself be discouraged and I continued in search of how to produce income for my home. A month after the incident, I found on the internet what I had been looking for so much, since it could produce money and at the same time be in the care of my daughter. I started with a page called neobux in which I gave mini-jobs that had to be completed in a certain time, it was profitable for a while until the number of jobs offered decreased to the point that what I generated weekly was no longer enough.

Photo of my last formal job, complex Hugo Chavez Frias 2014

In 2018 I met stemmit, which seemed like a dream-like page where they paid to show your talent, mine is digital art. I was still looking for new alternatives all over the internet since it is no secret to anyone that my country's economy is stopped, so you have to make a double effort to sustain itself economically, I tried infinities of pages and ways to generate alternative income Some were scams, others worked and some did not allow Venezuelans. Unfortunately, in many portals the doors have been closed to the people of my country, and I thank hive, peakd and the entire blockchain ecosystem that while others close the doors, you open them to us.

My husband @diomusic with my second daughter Camila

Among so many jobs that I have undertaken I started playing video games for money, you will not believe the number of people of different ages who do it, I was not a lover of video games but because of my daughters I started doing it, one person employed me to play their accounts of a famous video game, which lasted from January of last year to February of this year, since he informed me that he would not give me more work since he would dedicate himself to something else, it was stable income and it depressed me a bit, but I do not gave up, so I returned to hive's arms and he welcomed me and my husband @diomusic, who has also started creating content, with open arms.

My two daughters Lucia and Camila

Now, I begin to describe my husband's situation. He is a maintenance mechanic technician, two years ago he prepared in China to work in an industrial complex, where he would work as a supervisor in the area of manufacturing electro-submersible pumps, but due to the situation in our country and the lack of materials. , the complex never started to its maximum potential and was declining as time went by. Last year at the beginning of the pandemic, the company he worked for had to stop operations due to the preventive isolation dictated by the national government, a few months later it was unsustainable for the company to maintain the salary of personnel without production, so he was fired of his position, which was hard for our family finances, and it was also frustrating for him to have prepared for so long in Venezuela as in China, not to exercise the role for which he was trained. From there, he began to work as a FreeLancer like me, playing video games for money as in other types of pages that brought extra income to our pockets.

My husband @diomusic on the great wall of China

Since I had been working on my computer for many years, making it work forcibly, a month ago the motherboard damaged, leaving me without my work environment, leaving only the desktop computer that my husband was using. To which we recharge a lot because everything would have to be done from there. Because of this, my husband's computer also crashed irreparably, damaging the motherboard as well.

My computer a Canaima mini laptop

My husband's computer a damaged desktop computer

We were desperate, because we had invested a piece of land to build a house and we ran out of money in the account other than just for food. We have not been able to buy the motherboard because the money we receive is for food and other expenses such as rent and payment of services. At this moment we are using our neighbor's computer who generously offered to lend us hers as long as she is not using it, which has limited our time in generating content for the platform.

My neighbor who lends us her computer

How would having a pc or laptop help?

You would literally be feeding my family, since right now and due to the pandemic neither my husband nor I have gotten a formal job and those who are available pay an amount of $ 1.5 per week, which does not allow us to buy food for our home, plus we have a 3-month-old girl who requires a lot of things that until now we were paying for with our jobs and investments on the internet.

What would you do with the pc?

Perhaps my work is not oriented towards the financial part and I have not contributed enough to leofinance, but I am going to commit myself entirely with this community either from my talent for digital art or from learning about the blockchain to generate quality content.

In conclusion, I want to thank @ lbi-token for his great heart in creating this initiative to help someone who really needs a computer, even though I am not chosen, I am really moved by the fact that someone comes up with ideas to generate a change in society, leaving individualism behind and promoting the community directed towards a positive contribution to society.

I leave you some of our work, me editing and my husband interviewing.

Here one of my latest works in digital art


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