Bad Luck and Hive Pump FOMO Continues .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 31

Last time we have beaten the record in mined BEE tokens, but still, the ROI for those who would like to join us was still too bad... But, for all of you that have joined the pool in the good old days when WORKERBEE tokens were under 1 HIVE, there are no worries...

This week, the Hive-Engine tokens dump continued but we had another variable in the formula... Bad luck... We have mined only 46 BEE tokens in the last 7 days... Usually, that means that we will be luckier next time... :)

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This week we got one new member in the pool, so I would like to send a warm welcome to @mathfortress! Thanks for your trust!!!

This POOL doesn't have fees and you actually get up to 20% MORE by delegating to it!


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What about the bonus? I'm not hiding that one of my favorite games here on the Hive blockchain is Rising Star... It is fun to play it, the community is awesome and supportive and there is zero stress! I can't ask more from a game... So, I will distribute 20000 STARBITS tokens among WORKERBEE delegators!


As always, in the end, let's give the exact numbers for this week... The numbers are ugly and we have to face it... We have mined 46 BEE tokens and distributed 20000 STARBITS tokens as a bonus... The APY (without the bonus) was 5.92%, and when we have added the bonus it went up to 7.588%. The price of BEE tokens went down even further and the price of WORKERBEE is still holding over 2 HIVE... If we want to look at the bright side, your investment in WORKERBEE tokens is probably doubled... :)

I have calculated the ROI approximately with medium prices for all tokens at the moment of creating this post... So, those numbers are valid if you bought and sold tokens at the current prices (most of you bought them for much lower price)...

Do you want to sponsor the PH-Pool with your tokens, receive a short SPONSORED segment in this post and raise awareness about your front-end or dApp? Please let me know in the comment section, or contact me through Discord or Twitter and we will find the best solution for both parties...

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If you want to join the WorkerBee PH-Pool, the only thing that you have to do is to DELEGATE your WORKERBEE tokens to THIS account (@ph1102) and that's it! Every week you will get the portion of mined BEE tokens and BONUS rewards!

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All payments will be made after publishing this post...

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!

You can find more about this pool in the initial post here /@ph1102/workerbee-p-h-ool-let-s-help-each-other

Thank you for your time,


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If you want to support my witness, you can do it by voting for @ph1102.ctp here, or just scan the QR code down below...


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