Thrive on Hive? You can’t fish without bait!

Put in the work and POST!

If you want to thrive in this amazing crypto sphere Hive is, you have to be active. You have to be active every single day in my opinion. I post at least once every single day, and I find it easier every single day. Find themes and communities that lie within your interest and write about them. But that’s not all. The most important thing is to create a following. And therefore posting alone in those communities is not enough. You have to curate other posts in those communities too, and the most important part! comment on them. By that way you will create a following. Believe me.


You can not fish without bait!

This is what it is all about, if you don’t put in a line in the water with a lure or bait on the hook, you won’t catch a damn thing. The same counts in here. One thing I do too, is react to comments on my posts. Not every single one, which would be a shitload of work, but the most interesting ones. AND I upvote the comments on my posts. Why? First of all, to reward the people that put in the effort to read and comment on my posts. And second, to keep them hooked! Again a fishing analogy. But if you dump in some bait in the water a few times per week, I can assure the fish will be there, the next time you’re fishing…


I wish everyone great rewards and keep posting!



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