No more negative interest on Belgian bank accounts, instead people get… nothing!

Open the Champagne bottle

The 1st of September was a new holiday in Belgium, as of then, banks were no longer charging negative interest on bank accounts. As of new the interest is just simply… nothing!

And you know what, some people are really ecstatic about that. When inflation is at 10 %, the get to keep their money that is stored in their accounts. They are just losing 10 % value per year. What a blast! Incredible that people still are keeping money in bank accounts.

Benefits of Hive

Here comes one of the major pluses of Hive into the game. Just staking your Hive Power alone brings you almost 3 % “interest” per year, into the form of inflation of Hive. Voting and curating brings you between 6 and 15 % return per year.

And then there is Hive Backed Dollars, saving them in your account brings you 20 % interest, paid out monthly…

Fuck traditional banks, crypto and Hive is the way to go!



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