LockBit pays 1000 EUR to everyone that tattoos their logo

Ransomware gang

LockBit is a criminal organisation behind a new version of ransomware that is popping up more and more all over the world. They sell their ransomware to anyone who is willing to pay for it.

Now, they found the time was right for some decent advertising. So they launched a contest where everyone that tattooed the logo of LockBit on their body received a 1000 EUR worth of crypto.

And, surprise surprise, hundreds did what was asked, and received the crypto after a video chat with LockBit where they showed the tattoo wasn’t possible to wash off.
Most of the people that entered for the contest were from… Russia. Which doesn’t surprise me either.

Ransomware is a plague

The ransomware of LockBit has made some victims in Belgium the last few months. But for instance the Italian IRS has already been victim of this ransomware too. Which is kind of funny. But it still is a huge plague, and it won’t get better anytime soon. Small business owners can only hope they don’t fall victim to these despicable actions.

For people thinking of making a quick buck, the incentive is over, so don’t bother getting tattooed with their logo. It’s a waste of money and of bad taste!



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