Just keep on minting your own Hive and Hodl!

Calm is the way out

I see people panicking all over the place because of the “usual” crash in the crypto markets. But there’s absolutely no reason to panic. It is now the seventh time in the short history of crypto and Bitcoin that the market crashed over 50 %. But every single time the market recovered and went higher than before. I can’t say that history always repeats itself but it usually does…


So, what can you do as a Hivean? Not a lot, just business as usual, keep on posting, curating and commenting. So you keep on minting your own Hive and keep growing your stack. The bigger your stack, the bigger your curation rewards will become AND the bigger the value of your portfolio will be once the market turns around. That’s the eventual goal of it all! A big stack when things get really interesting and now is the easiest time to accumulate more! Less posts, bigger reward pool to share for less posts and comments. That’s the best part of it. Take advantage of those that stop posting when Hive is tanking, and thank them later!

This should be on a T-Shirt some day:

Keep calm and mint them Hive!



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