Hive is like mining Gold!

Gold veins

Anyone that has ever watched the show Gold Rush or Gold Divers on Discovery Channel knows how addictive the game of gold mining is. It is amazing to watch, and there are so many similarities with what we are doing here on Hive.

The difference is, you don’t need to go to a remote place like Alaska or the desert in Australia to mine “Gold” here on Hive. And you don’t need to invest a ton of money into equipment and gasoline. You just need to use your brain and write posts or just only vote on posts, if you want to be really lazy.

Sometimes you find a big nugget, other times just dust

Posting here on Hive can sometimes bring in huge rewards if your post gets picked up by some whales and orcas or a curation trail. And the you get a nice gold nugget as a reward. Other times you just get small votes and you just collect some gold dust. But that’s no problem, as being consistent gives you a lot of gold dust. Just like how mining works. Keep on mining and you get rewarded for it. A season of mining brings in lots of gold dust. And that’s just like being consistent on Hive, posting regularly brings in daily returns which accumulate and make your rewards bigger and bigger. With the extra consequence that your curation rewards get bigger and bigger too!

Use that Gold vein and tap into the rewards of Hive!



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