Energy crisis is the beginning of the end for the EU!

Excelling in decisiveness

The European Union and its leaders are meeting together with Elon Musk and other big shot elites of this world in Norway, to discuss natural gas and electricity prices. I specifically use the word “discuss”, because that’s all what is happening. No decisions are made, and they haven’t been made in the last few years either.

The energy policy in Europe has been the Achilles heel all the time. Prices are determined by the most expensive producer, not by the market. The craziest system I ever heard of. In the meantime the EU leaders have been pushing to close the cheapest form of energy, nuclear power plants. Now, in a sudden hurry, the plants suddenly need to stay open, after years of closing them one by one.

The beginning of the end

The Coronavirus policy was a disaster by the European Union, but now they are really pulling the wrong strings. As after their freedom, people are now being robbed in disguise. The energy producers are cashing enormously and are not decently taxed. This won’t be accepted by the people anymore. Their freedom was taken away, but now their money, the step too much in my opinion.

It is a matter of time before the European Union crumbles apart!



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