Crypto winter? I don’t think so!

Never more mainstream than today

I see people talking about crypto winter that has arrived and being very concerned about the future of crypto. And I get them, price wise, these days aren’t the best we have seen. But it is just a “picture” that is taken at this moment, and when we zoom out, we see almost all crypto currencies higher than they were two years ago. The volume of trading is growing day by day, as the number of exchanges and decentralised exchanges grows week by week. This is the reality, not just price is relevant, adoption is even more important.


Sports advertising

Tonight the UEFA Champions League final is played, and I bet you will see ads on the side of the pitch of crypto exchanges or crypto projects. Today Kevin De Bruyne, the best midfielder of the world announced his partnership as ambassador of Phemex, the 5th largest crypto platform in the world. That is just incredible news, and will attract so much new users to the crypto sphere. It’s not just a football player doing this, it’s KDB. That has an enormous impact on adoption, and I aan sure more will follow him in the future. Which will lead to even more adoption and eventually to higher prices again. That’s just inevitable.

So, crypto winter maybe here, but spring and summer will come too, that’s for sure!



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