Crypto is entering the multi billion dollar festival industry!

Multi billion dollars on entertainment

Belgium and festivals, it’s like a match made in heaven, hundreds of festivals are organised every year, maybe even thousands. They are good for a big chunk of the Belgian economy, because we love our festivals, like Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, etc… And we love to spend money there. We eat and drink like the true Belgian lifestyle is known for.

Cactus Festival in Bruges

And now, digital money is entering this world more and more. A lot of festivals have their own digital currency to pay with, like the pearls at Tomorrowland. And others are following this trend. Tribeca festival has OKX as its main sponsor. So we are one step away from paying your ticket and beer at the festival with crypto currencies. Tomorrowland is already giving away NFTs to ticket holders. I wouldn’t be surprised they would release the possibility to pay with crypto at the festival next year.

Cash is gone, crypto is the new cash

Paying with cash at festivals is almost impossible these days. And that will soon be replaced. You could say that crypto currencies will become the new cash of the future. And that is just an awesome evolution, even though I am having a hard time to part from cash. I love the look and feel of banknotes. Call it some kind of fetish. But luckily we will have crypto to replace that, so we can keep on partying at our favourite festivals.



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