Controversy in Belgium about series about FIRE movement

Financial Independence, Retire Early

Most of you over here know the Fire movement and what it stands for, but I just wanted to point it out for those that hadn’t heard of it yet. Fire stands for, Financial Independence, Retire Early. Something we all would love to reach over here. But many start, very little reach the goal.

Now, these days in Belgium, on national television there is a complete series about people that have succeeded to retire early, some very early. And that is food for a lot of controversy. The Belgian “SEC” finds it irresponsible from the Belgian national television to show “unrealistic expectations” when it comes to investing and money management. The press thinks the series portrays people that got extremely lucky, and is very far away from reality.

Crypto gets drag into the mess

Some of these very young people that are already in retirement have invested in crypto, and of course that’s a bone the press is chewing on too.

I have started to watch the series and am really not that impressed. Some have indeed invested in crypto early, which has brought them extreme profits. But most of the time, the series portrays how cheap these people are living.
Cost saving is a big part of their plan, and that’s not portrayed in the press. These people have moved to other countries to save expenses, that’s not something everyone is willing to do. That should be emphasised too. It’s not all about the “right” investment. It’s about creating a surplus between your income and your expenses, that gives you the opportunity to invest regularly and let the interest compound.

In my opinion an interesting series, that should not be controversial, but a learning opportunity for the viewers…

But maybe that’s too much to ask from press and government!



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