Are "The Twitter Files" the bombshell, they claim to be?

Hunter Biden's laptop

During the last elections, there was a complete hunt for what was exactly on Hunter's Biden laptop, and the alleged collusion with Ukraine. And of course the crack, hookers, etcetera... But that news didn't really penetrate the Mainstream Media. And that is what the Twitter Files is exactly about.

From the round up Matt Taibbi made from the thousands of e-mails we can clearly make up that Twitter was suppressing all possible posts about the Hunter Biden story during the election period. Do we now exactly know what was on the laptop. Not yet, it will probably leak in the future. But it is a fact, that by suppressing this Twitter influenced the outcome of the elections of 2020. And that is in fact concerning.


But is it a bombshell?

That is another story, people that are on Twitter frequently (Pre Elon Musk), know that the algorithm of Twitter and the allowing of certain stories was quite questionnable. As it is on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, etc...
So, this news is no bombshell to me, it is more of a confirmation of what we already knew. Big Tech is suppressing lots of news, and of course is Mainstream Media. And this is definitely not a bombshell, as it is completely ignored by those same Mainstream Media. So actually, nothing changes by this. The MSM and most Big Tech firms will keep on doing the same censorship, expect for Twitter now. So, a lot more is necessary for this becoming a bombshell.


I am pretty sure there was a handbook of what posts were allowed about Covid-19 on Twitter during the last two years. I would love it, if that would be revealed, and am very curious who and what is behind this collusion. I am sure Elon can find that out, and hopefully it will be in the next leak on Twitter... That could be a lot more than a bombshell, but more of an atomic bomb!



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