Has Smartphones Stolen from Us

While growing up cell phones was just a talking device. However, things has really changed with the existence of smart phone these days. Just a talking device has has evolved to become a gaming device, a picture/video capturing device for memories, a money making device for influencers, digital marketing devices, some even trade the financial market on their smartphones.

Has the mobile/smartphone taken over family love?:
Most family gatherings is no longer as traditional as it should be. A typical example is a family dinner. Before the evolution of smartphones family dinners are always joyous where we appreciate the taste of the food as well as the cook but these era of smartphones, everyone keeps typing, reading or watching one thing or the other on their phones. No traditional unity anymore it is as if the family are strangers as diversified attention. While others are laughing at Internet joke some are expecting messages, while some are taking photos of the food some are playing video games among other form of distractions. The appreciation of the cook and the food is completely ignored.


Has smartphone taken over our skill?:

It is no secret these days that people easily get distracted and full potential of individuals no longer realised. Everyone wants to trend on social media, from fake life, to fake news, to cyber bullying, to among others all to seek validation. Even the smartphone makers spend less time on it compared to users. The passion and strong will to succeed has lost its value as majority seek quick money making ways so that they can oppress their peers online.

Has social media use of smartphones destroyed marriages?: We see a lot of marriages collapse these days due to Internet flirting which eventually leads to a partner cheating on the other or in some cases both cheating. Some couples have gone separate ways because they took advice from a stranger online who is not married nor have an academic qualification nor experience on how to behave in matrimonial home.


Are kids getting good grades these days?
Mobile games has taken over reading and serious studies for good grades. Most kids are now distracted as their little innocent mind is focused on mobile games rather than serious academic studies. A well know saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" also all play and no work makes Jack a dull boy. Work and play has to be balanced. That is not the case these days as kids are more attracted to their mobile devices than their books.


Smartphones is to make our lives better and easy but the misuse and overuse of it has created more disadvantages than advantages.

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