Bitcoin City, the dream of crypto enthusiasts


The first real Bitcoin city will be built on the outskirts of El Salvador, a Central American country that is preparing to welcome its first generation of crypto-amateurs.

El Salvador, known as the "land of eternal spring," is also known for its strong Christian population. It is a country once noted for being home to some of Christianity's most important historical figures. Not surprisingly, Salvadorans, as they are called, have always maintained a strong allegiance to the Church.

However, in recent years this relationship between religion and economics has been changing. In fact, there has been a steady growth in the country of religious entrepreneurs who have decided to apply for and receive cryptocurrency licenses.

The birth of a new city

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have also embraced the country and have decided to build the first city that welcomes cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin City. The project was born as a result of the collaboration of people of different faiths, the growing number of projects offered in the country, and the desire to offer people an alternative to a country going through an economic crisis.

The aim of the project is to attract people who want to be part of something big, to be entrepreneurs who want to share their ideas and be part of a collective that has the potential to bring positive change in a country that is known for its lack of development.

While the main project is to create the world's first city for cryptocurrencies, the organizers also want to make Bitcoin City a place where people interested in blockchain, not just the cryptocurrency community, come to. This is where the project plans to create the first blockchain festival where important figures such as Max Keiser gathered.

A blockchain-based city

After many discussions and exchanges with investors, the crypto entrepreneurs and President Nayib Bukele decided to create a city completely based on blockchain.

The reason is that the creators of Bitcoin City believe that the new crypto-city needs to show people how it is an example of a self-sustainable and self-responsible community. People living in bitcoin city are expected to follow two basic principles:

The first is financial sovereignty. This means that anyone can start a project, contribute their time, experience and expertise and receive compensation for their contribution.

The second is responsibility and self-sufficiency, as El Salvador currently mines bitcoins with volcanic energy which is sustainable.

Creators want to live in a city where everyone contributes. This implies, first of all, the creation of a network where anyone can express their opinion or share their ideas and the project can benefit from the knowledge and skills of everyone in the city.

A project like Bitcoin City should create as many jobs as possible. This means that people will be part of projects where they will have a real opportunity to prove themselves and their knowledge to enrich the crypto world and financial freedom.

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