THE PRICE Effect on Crypto Rebranding


Tonight I came across an interesting chart, which was highlighting the correlation between rebranding and the price change.

Screen Shot 20201027 at 1.36.06 AM.png

Rebranding is not something new for a traditional company, but in the world of crypto we are starting to see that more as we are maturing more and projects need a new life.

When we look at some recent rebranding we can see exactly how that impacted the price!

The numbers are extremely strong!

It seems each rebranding in short order 2-3X each project in value at-least in the short term!

The leader of the pack was LEND, which re-branded to AAVE and had a 300% surge directly after.

While these changes might not mean long term sustained growth changes, they can in the short term impact price a BIG AMOUNT!

@originate Developer & Market Analyst
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