Quick short analysis on HIVE

After three(3) days of consolidating on the support level at $0.7174, HIVE broke out of the consolidation this morning when it pumped +25.80% to $0.9325 from $0.7298, then fell back -20% to $0.7572 which is the current price.


When HIVE fell, it formed a pennant pattern, which if it breaks to the upside, we could see price a bullish move up to hit a new ATH at $1.4050, which is +20% above the current ATH at $1.15.

But if it breaks to the down side we could see are correction back to $0.5423. I personally would love for the Price to break to the upside. I like to see HIVE make a ATH, and love for HIVE price to stay above $1.

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