Bitcoin to hit $250k, Once History Repeat Itself.

I know you are wondering why I said Bitcoin to Hit $250k, let me show you why, will all know that in crypto the past is like a blueprint for traders, be it drawing a support or resistance point, drawing a trendlines, channel patterns, falling wedge's and rising wedge's etc, you need to draw from two previous swings in your chart. And we use everything I have listed above to help or predict the direction of price in the present time.


It's not different in this case, when you look at the chart above, you will see that in 2013 Bitcoin price made a recent high in July, then came back to retest that high in september, before the massive bullish move to the upside. In 2017 we saw the same move recent high in July, a retest to the high in september, and what did we see a massive bullish move to the upside, in 2017 it move higher than the surposed target.

"All good things come in threes": right?

Lo and behold in 2021, price is playing out the same way, recent high in July, the huge dip in September that retested the high, and now price has broken above $50k level that price struggle with for some time, current price is now at $55k, those that sold at $40k are FOMOing back in, pending Bitcoin ETF approval which is building up a monster sentiments already, the sports sector is embarrassing crypto like never before, U.S has no intention of banning crypto said by both FED and SCC chairs, EL Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, Also have their own Volcanic Bitcoin Mining. The big money institutions are yet to come into the market, probably at $100k, they will FOMO in , and at that time Bitcoin is going to shoot the F**k up.


Here another confirmation to further back up what I have been saying, look at the chart above and tell me you don't see the pattern forming once more clear as day.

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