Will SPS, DEC, SPT Uptrend Return this Week End?


Greeting to you all investors in the various tokens listed on the Hive-engine trading market.

The recent pump of the Hive token compared to BTC price and the fall of the multiple tokens on Hive-engine might have created huge panic among newly registered players in the Splinterlands game.
In case you have not panicked sell your tokens, you are already in a good position for the coming benefit of holding DEC, SPS, or SPT in a pool.




The SPS market similar to the DEC and SPT markets presents a volatile situation where most likely the prices will keep on the downtrend until the number of buy orders rises high enough to compensate and conclude transactions that the sells orders presented on the charts.




The recovery process on DEC chart may sense faster compared to the SPS and SPT but the downtrend perspective of the price is still highly probable in the coming days.





I have taken advantage of this downtrend in price on most tokens in Hive-engine to solidify my position in the Deezel pool especially SPSSPT and DECSPS. It was cheap to swap tokens between pairs and stake them for either reward on the exchange or airdrop in Splinterlands.

I have checked on the various Binance smart chain swap tool supporting SPS or DEC prices and it was an interesting opportunity for BNB holders to increase their stake in both tokens. I am planning to acquire more BNB on the exchange and prepare my trade once the next price deep happens.


TribalDex DieselPools

My strategies

I buy more tokens only after the price decrease. I make sure to position these tokens in the pools until the prices are back up to a comfortable range for investment in the platform. Also, I will sell tokens that appreciate in value in order to power up my "hivebasicincome" asset with Hive.

I am not sure the price will hold their current position this weekend. The market is going to fall once more before the volume charts show orders from both sides as close to be balanced as it is during a stable phase of prices variation.

I have to mention that the comments made about the token charts are for entertainment purposes only, they do not constitute of any sort professional advice.

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