Market trends: BTC vs BNB in May 2022

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Greetings to you dear readers. The price of the token presented above on the daily chart is going to be reviewed in a short description of trends. It is important to never invest more than you can afford to lose. The opinions given in this article are only for educational purposes. Please I recommend you conduct thorough research on the cryptocurrencies you have as targets before any action in this volatile market.


BNB prices are currently moving up above the resistant line. The long ride down has apparently surprised us all as described on the chart. The moving average lines indicated that the price isn't recovering for any time soon. On the four hours candles chart, BNB prices are close to 0.0107 BTC as the moving average showed positive performance for all short-term predictions.
The prices have been trending upward for two days now, so the market is reacting positively against the bearish situation.
It is prudent to convert your tokens into stable coins like BUSD or DAI. The price may fall down in the coming hours.

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