CUB has pushed back up over $3 where will it go next?

I have seen high yielding farm tokens in the past yield incredible amounts only for the price of the coin to fizzle, and the yield is useless if the coin loses value.

But CUB I feel is different, it has had the initial drop moment where people extracted yield, but its stayed pretty resilient around the $3 mark. I am happy to see that its now back up over $3, with an initial dip into the twos as the rest of the crypto market got demolished, including Hive and LEO for that matter.

so here is a look at the price movement recently (Source:


So the question is, where to from here? well that's the $1m question isn't it.

Will it go on uniswap's path which increased approx 20X see below (


or perhaps it will go on the path of Cake (from pancake swap,


Cake has increased 50X or more.

well, whatever path it takes, its got us all guessing, hopefully its 100X, but that is wishful thinking I think. what do you think?

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