Blockchain games are taking off

I have seen many posts on here, and mine included with the prediction that blockchain games will come back strong to be the killer app that brings crypto into the mainstream.

So in the last year or so, blockchain games have played second fiddle to decentralised finance, and also collectibles as NFTs. So what's happening on the blockchain gaming front?

Dappradar's ranking shows that the growth ion the last 30 Days is phenomenal,


Almost every game has shown double digit growth over the last month. Even EOS dynasty, which used to be the number 1 blockchain game is showing some renewed interest.

Why are games taking off?

well, my guess is that the most successful games are using the other popular crypto trends and incorporating them, such as NFT's and Defi into the games. there is even talk of some games creating their own DEFI like trading Automated market making marketplaces for game items.

The other factor, I think is Price, all the major gaming currencies have appreciated a lot ,lead by EOS and WAX with substantial increase in recent months. The Graph of EOS is below, it was a stagnant coin, until a big boom recently. Shown below (

What about BSC for games?

you might have noticed a few games have launched and have some popularity on BSC. I am not convinced BSC is the right network for games, its just its so popular for defi, its a launching platform to get users. But the problem I see with BSC, is the gas fees, EOS, Hive, WAX all have its issues, but generally you can run lots of transactions for free, so games can fully utilise the blockchain. With BSC, I see the main solution is to do most transactions off chain, and just interact with marketplaces etc. on the chain. I am interested in your opinion here, comment below.

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