It is all about the MONEY!

There is no need to bullshit you. This is cryptocurrency and it is all about the money--money, numbers and charts. Your project is deemed successful based on how much money it generates for the investors or token holders.

As altruistic as I might claim to be, I judge my progress here based on the same standards. I consider my time here on hive a success because of the money I have made and the lives I have impacted (which is secondary, to be honest).

I might not be able to change my love or need for money but I understand and prioritize the things that matter the most and earning isn't the thing that matters the most. Many people have missed the mark because they were fixated on the money.

When I ask people why they left hive some years ago, they often reply by saying that they were not getting traction, which in this case means that they weren't earning enough money. I consider this funny knowing that they never made any penny from using other social platforms before hive.

The problem is most people compare themselves to other people. So earning twenty cents on a post might seem insufficient if the other person is earning twenty times more. It is perfectly human. I suffer from the same greed sometimes.

When I see someone earning more than I do for shittier work I get jealous, but then I try to remind myself that I am on a different path and should judge myself based on my standard, which in most cases I am crushing.

Also, in most cases, those earning twice as much as I am have put in more time and dedication to this platform and deserve all the support they are getting. It is just the universe's way of rewarding them for being steadfast.

If I ever want to level up, I need to commit as much as they have or even more, which is a difficult task and price to pay. Many are unwilling to do the work. It's a cultural problem, most people see the result and not the process.

So you have been putting in the time and effort but things are not clicking for you, what do you do? Wait. As simplistic as that may sound it is the best advice anyone can give you here (a piece of advice I should take myself).

If my future self could go back to my past self to give me one piece of advice, it would be to be patient. For every bag I have fumbled (and they are many) my Achille heel has been my impatience.

I have said that patience is not one of my many virtues but in the cryptosphere, it is the thing that separates the losers and the winners.

Currently, things are quite rosy in the crypto sphere. It seems like everything you touch turns to gold, even the shittest of things. That's because we are experiencing a bull run. In a year or two from now, that might change.

It is going to be the hardest time for most people and many will quit. There might be the unfortunate few who would wait only to fumble in the end. Things like this are bound to happen.

At the end of the day what matters is what you do with the information you have gathered. For me, the next bull run will be my ticket to financial freedom. Right now, I am trying to make all the right moves to sustain myself until then.

Take your eyes off the money and focus on the goal. Cheers!

My name is Chinonso Ekpemandu. I am a digital nomad. I create opinion pieces and share my life's journey on a decentralized platform called hive, whilst exploring the digital landscape for opportunities.

Below are links to some of my recent posts:

Below are links to some of my recent posts:


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