What to do on a red day.


Markets go up, markets go down.

That's crypto in a nutshell.

The longer that you are involved in the markets, the less that you tend to worry about these movements. Sure it's nice to see green every day and the excitement of markets pumping but it won't last forever. Nothing ever does.

Seeing 10, 20 or 100k knocked off your portfolio in one day could be disheartening to a lot of people of even just a hundred if your new to the space.

That sense of panic and pressure to sell out of the holding when the markets tell you that all hope is lost. To cut your losses and run while it still has a little value. It's easy to smell the fear when the markets turn red and the day traders try to save their skin.

Fear leads to even more fear. Or opportunity for those waiting to take it and there are always people sitting there waiting to take it. No matter what is happening in the world, if people sense an opportunity or feel that there is a sell off on valuable assets then there are people with the money that will take that chance. That's how they got there in the first place.

Ready and waiting to buy low and sell high. Where that line is will always be debatable as you need to know the value of those assets to know when to buy but experience will show up for the successful poachers who know the markets and know when there is a deal to be had.

That's why day trading is such a tough gig to be into. You can be lucky or good to do well from trading but there is no guarantee of either. It's still a gamble as markets can react to a lot of different scenarios which we never see coming. Maybe the traders are good enough to see it coming but it's not easy to stay ahead of the curve forever.

Buying a two year bear market is a no brainer on growing crypto assets as they have lost 90% of value since the peak a few year back but the best projects kept growing regardless. Anybody in the game for a while could see there was opportunity there and most of them took some small part of it.

It's a lot tougher right now as we have seen such growth over the past six months and don't know what will topple it next. How hard it can fall and where to jump in or out of the markets. We have assets for the past couple of years that have grown but with the right timing could sell out high and wait for the next chance to jump in harder in a couple of years time.

Option B.

Option "B" is why a lot of us are in this space at this time.


Hold long term and keep adding to those positions. There is always room to trade, sell and make profits but while all of that panic is happening around us. We can just keep growing and growing on a daily basis.

Blog, game, create, lease, develop.

Hive has given us the tools to be successful and to grow to new levels.

We still need more to become a major force but I'm very optimistic that we will see them develop over time.

There is so much happening right here, right now that could grow the system exponentially so it's a great time to grow your account.

The markets don't matter in the long run as the cream will rise to the top. Even if we hit another bear market you can still earn hive every day. Build your holdings and be ready for better opportunities in the future.

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