Hive listed for best blockchain technology at "The people's choice crypto awards 2021.


Another chance to promote HIVE as a community.

It has just come to my attention that HIVE is listed against Solana and Polkadot for best blockchain technology at the Crypto awards 2021.

It is a popular choice vote which is our specialty as a community and one that we can win.

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CRYPTO AWARDS - ranking where each nominee is competing for the honour to be named the Best of the Best. Such ratings can help to select the most reliable projects and companies for a safe investment The winners will be awarded at Blockchain Fest 2021

In the long run all of these awards count as they give HIVE more visibility and more credibility in the blockchain space.

I have cast my vote and hope that everybody else will do the same.


We want more people to realize how much is happening on the HIVE blockchain and by voting here and leaving a real review we can take advantage of these opportunities.


My 5 star rating and comment.

HIVE is a community owned and decentralized blockchain. It has fast, free transactions. It has a large community that are constantly developing on this chain for it's advantages over other competitors.

Already home to large numbers of apps, communities, interfaces it only continues to grow as the chain boasts real world use and people as it's strongest selling points.

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