Sand continues to rise in cryptocurrencies

Hi @leofinance ,

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to rise fluctuating depending on Bitcoin. How many dollars do you think Bitcoin will cost on New Year's Eve?

I don't know if the predictions of many columnists and crypto experts will come true, but one thing that caught my attention is that there is activity in the SAND coin.

I invested a small amount in Sand coin and it was around $2 last week when I bought it. You can see the current price of the SAND coin and the price chart for the day in the images below.


I don't know, but since the metacoin universe entered the crypto world, there has been a recession in major cryptocurrencies.

I may be the only one to notice this, but the truth is that cryptocurrencies continue to diversify and divide.


Is this a good thing or a bad situation, we will find out together in the future.

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